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Photo dump

Posted on 2008.03.23 at 21:46
Happy Easter!

It was really great to Andrew Barnett in NYC a couple days ago. I went with Mary Ellen Amato to Café Grumpy because I hadn't been there in so long and I wanted to see what they had for espresso. In addition to some good old friends working behind the counter (they were BUSY!), I saw Danger Dan Griffin, Liz Clayton, Andrew himself, and Jenny Brant. What's more, Grumpy had Andrew's Ecco Reserve espresso in the Robur, and I got to have two shots of it. Perfectly pulled and quite delicious! It's my favorite espresso in the world... so it was good to drink.

Other NYC projects to talk about, but I'm still catching up from Ethiopia... Here are some more photo highlights. Check out the full batch (now completely up) over at flickr.

In Harar
Willem took this picture of this astonishing little girl in Harar.

Aleta Wondo
These kids live at Borse Borchere's farm in Aleta Wondo. I couldn't decide who was more fascinated with whom: they with me, or me with them. Not a lot of faranji come through this area.

Sorting green for cupping
We did a spot-cupping in Aleta Wondo of coffees that scored highly in the competition in Addis. This meant taking arrival coffee, unsorted. I got stuck with sorting the cupping samples... which actually was quite pleasant, sitting there in the sunlight in a breezy lab in a small town.

The Road to Dire Dawa
Snapped this photo out the microbus window on the road from Harar to Dire Dawa.

Pulp-natural is messy
On Zege Peninsula you can see a rare sight: Pulped natural (or "semi-washed") coffee in Ethiopia. Surendra Kotecha let us check out his project there. This photo only hints at the true nature of the stickiness of this stuff. You could scale skyscrapers with this stuff on your hands.

Coffee Ceremony, Bonga
One of my favorite photos. This woman prepared the traditional coffee ceremony for us at Ato Giday's farm in Limu.

Stings your eyes
On the road back from Bonga to Jimma we paused the bus for a while before deciding to just charge through the section of road that was abutting some burning fields. This was the longest bus ride of my life. Good God.

Roadside, Wush-wush The road southwest to Wush-wush. The countryside is decidedly greener the further south you go. Not pictured: baboons and colobus monkeys that were everywhere.

Coffee sorter, Dire Dawa
One of the prettiest girls in a country full of them. She was a sorter at Mawi Coffee Export in Dire Dawa.

...more photos.

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