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Meta — Doings and Goings-on

Posted on 2008.03.29 at 01:29
Not just ontological beer....

Just a quick post to update y'all on what I am up to in the next few weeks:

* I have a new bi-weekly coffee column coming out in about a week on a different website (one with a few more readers than this one!) Supposedly it is based on this blog, but I believe I will be writing fresh pieces for it more often than not. This blog gets a little technical sometimes. Instead of double-posting. I will just put up a notice when there's a new piece at this other site.

* I know I have threatened this many times before, but this blog is finally moving to a better host: typepad. This will happen within the week. The content and format and everything else is remaining the same, only it will look better and won't make me want to kill it. Or I suppose it will, but in fresh and excitingly non-LiveJournal ways that I can't yet predict.

* Cuppings are forthcoming for the month of April. I promise. There will be at least one NYCS meeting, and at least one promotional cupping for Ethiopia Limited.

* Food-pairing events are also forthcoming, but these will likely be in May and June. Also trips to California and Seattle with possible events in those locations if I can swing it.

* I am not going to Ithaca for the NERBC, unfortunately.

* I am going to Minneapolis for SCAA, to help run the Ethiopia booth. For everyone who's reading this and plans on being at that show, you will definitely want to stop by the Ethiopia booth... there's going to be cupping of some amazing, unique coffees.

* I have fully prepared my long-incubated non-coffee website, and it will be launching at the same time as the new coffee blog. I will probably only announce the URL once in a blue moon, since it really has nothing at all to do with coffee, so if you are interested in this new site, be sure to click over when you see the link cause I won't be harping on it again soon.

* Assorted other pranks and gags also forthcoming, as per usual.

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