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Martha Stewart

Posted on 2006.11.02 at 10:51
The Martha Stewart television show is doing a program on coffee in NYC. Yesterday they came to Grumpy Greenpoint. They'll be hitting up the rest of the usual suspects over the next couple of days. Nice to get the press... I just hope some of the general buzz is still around in a couple of weeks when Chelsea opens.

The moment I showed up in the morning, the sound guy taped a mic-pack to my belly and asked me to go behind the bar. It's tricky to answer questions and pull good shots at the same time, but it's actually kind of fun! Like surfing in a way. Kind of reminded me of competition in a way, in that you are focused on quality and on your public persona at the same time. Best bet in my book: relax and make friends with the crew (or the judges and volunteers).

According to Becky the direcky, the coffee show will probably air in December. Small possibility a few baristas may be asked to go on set to do a little more filming. Will keep y'all posted.

(don't the tech guys seem riveted by my dissertation on screen-dried yellow bourbon Brazils?)


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